Pastor's Note
Pastor, Tim Benjamin

pastors note
pastor, Tim Benjamin

I have been writing articles for newsletters for 20 years. But I have to admit that this article will be one like nothing I have ever written before. I would like to introduce you to two new things happening here at Forest Park and I am so excited about both of them. Now, there are plenty of other things happening, but the two things I would like to tell you about are Forest Park's newest staff member and inviting you to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

First, I am proud to introduce you to our newest staff member, Pastor Levi Collins. Pastor Levi has been working with us for the past 6 or so weeks doing some visitation to help me shoulder the load here at Forest Park. We are working on updating our shut in and visitation lists. If you or someone you know would enjoy having Levi drop by to say hello, we need to get your name on our lists. You can do that by contacting the church office and giving us the heads up. You don't even have to be a shut in, if you would like to have Pastor Levi stop by for a visit, please contact us. He and I talk every Monday about who I need him to hunt down that week and he is a persistent man! He is also helping us connect to other churches in our community which a number of you got to witness at the worship service we had out at Ottawa Metro Park. Pastor Levi is working with our Mission team in coordinating our community Thanksgiving service in November. He is a busy man, and we would love to get him out to visit anyone from our congregation who might want someone to stop by.

Keep Pastor Levi and his important work in your prayers. We are sure blessed to have him and hope that you will make the effort to meet him soon if you haven't already.

To continue the theme of me writing about things I never thought I would have the chance to write about, any of you who have been in our 9:30 service know that we have added a new feature. We have been doing our announcements by video. Our camera crew has caught me doing all kinds of strange things to do the announcements, everything from shaving to flipping the tire in my back yard to practicing the sermon.

If you would like to see some of these videos we have been shooting, I have posted them all on YouTube. The easiest way to find me is go to YouTube and do a search for RevTim70. I should be the first result to pop up. My current profile picture is from when I had the beard for the Easter Service last year (I am so glad that is gone). Click on my face and you can see all of the crazy adventures I go through to bring you your Sunday morning announcements. I hope that you appreciate my effort enough to listen to all the wonderful things that are happening around our great church!

Of these videos, in one I am a guest teacher for preschool and in another one I am Superman. You decide which of those is the most unbelievable.

Tim Benjamin