Youth Group


Over the past month our youth group prepared for the Maundy Thursday service. We learned about the 7 witnesses placed on trial during Pastor Tim's service. These witnesses consisted of: Bartimeaus, the gladiator, Tertius a soldier in the Roman army, Ezra the priest, Joseph of Arimathea, the contractor of the tomb, and the soldier guarding Jesus's tomb. The youth group helped serve the meal for Maundy Thursday. Also, they participated during the service in the trial of the witnesses. We thank the youth for helping with this event.

We've had regular attendance of about 15-20 youths coming to youth group weekly. Our session will be coming to an end for summer. The last day youth group will be meeting is May 21st.

We plan on getting the youth together for some summer activities. We'll notify you of these plans as they come along.

Brenda Miller