About Us

About Us

Forest Park is a United Methodist Church on the east side of Lima, OH, with convenient access to I-75, see directions.

The people of Forest Park know how to make people feel welcomed and right at home. They have been worshipping and serving in the Lima community for over 65 years. While Forest Park has a long and proud history, believers are willing to try new things to introduce others to the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Forest Park has something to offer to every age. Spiritual connection with God and family values shared with others are important strengths of the people of Forest Park.

Our Vision Statement:
"A Christian family pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus in order to spread His message of faith, hope, and love"

Our Core Values:
   1. We believe in sharing Jesus Christ with people so that they can receive His message of hope.
   2. We believe in powerful, relevant worship where we experience the presence of the Holy Spirit.
   3. We believe in caring relationships, friendships, and small groups that make this a safe place to
       come as you are.
   4. We believe in equipping all people to serve and lead ministries according to the unique way God
       has gifted and called them.
   5. We believe in growing in our faith through discipleship that strengthens our relationship with God.
   6. We believe in helping people in need locally, nationally, and worldwide.