Pastor's Note
Senior Pastor, Rev. Lynda Lockwood

pastors note

Last December I mentioned that we had received a Go Grant from the West Ohio Conference to reach out and build bridges with the new families who are utilizing Daddy's at Work Childcare. Nikki and I had to submit a plan on how we would use the money and how much we would need if we received the grant. Our idea was to give a gift that would help ease stress that builds up around the holidays, without expecting anything in return. In this way we can show them that they are not just a family utilizing a service in our building, but that they are seen and cared for by our Church.

We wish to create a sense of community and belonging among the families attending the childcare center and for them to feel more connected to our church. The Childcare Center is providing resources to the families regarding the child's physical and mental well-being, we want to be a resource for their spiritual well being.

To this end, we will be gifting the families a gas gift card, with no expectations attached. We will be placing a prayer box in the hallway and posting prayer request with ours. And we are inviting the families to our Palm Sunday combined service. I don't know if any will come, some have their own churches and others may not feel comfortable yet. But if a family does come, let's show them what an amazing church we are!!) by introducing ourselves, and maybe even sitting with people we don't know.

Pastor Lynda