Pastor's Note
Senior Pastor, Rev. Lynda Lockwood

pastors note

This fall has been absolutely beautiful with all the vibrant colors of the leaves and the blue of the sky! It is so easy to see God in the beauty around us, we don't have to look hard or far. Hearing the laughter of children as they play in the fallen leaves. If you are like me, you think to yourself "if only it could stay this way a little longer" because soon winter will come.

The leaves will be gone, and nature will sleep in monotone colors. Dull, gray, and cold… but not always, there are those days when large snowflakes gently come down covering the monotone with diamonds when the sun comes out. Or a bright red cardinal sits in a bush outside your window. Or watching the flames dancing in a fire as you snuggle down with a hot cup of tea, a good book and the puppies lying next to you. It's so easy to see God in those moments…Hearing the laughter of children as they play in the snow. And you think "if only it could stay this way a little longer."

Admittedly during those dull, gray, cold times, we don't always see the beauty and it is harder to see God. Sometimes it is like being in a deep valley where the sun light rarely breaks through, our eyes become adjusted to the dark making the light hard to look at. During the holidays this is how it can feel for some people. There is no joy only the feeling of being tired, hurt, lonely and depressed. It is hard to see God in those moments… And you think "how much longer can it stay this way?"

If this is where you find yourself during the holidays, try not to beat yourself up for not feeling the joy. Instead try making a list of positive things you can do to help yourself or others. Keep busy. If it becomes to overwhelming seek out a good friend to be a listening ear or professional counseling. And rely on God to give you strength to go on.

If you see a friend struggling through the holidays, acknowledge their feelings, be present with them, don't try to push or fix them rather offer a listening ear and listen with your heart. Don't be afraid of tears. Invite them to do things with you, let them know you are thinking of them. Be that soft ray of light breaking through to dispel the darkness making it easier for them to see God.

On a Personal Note…Thank you for the appreciation you have shown me, I hope you all know how much I appreciate each and every one of you!!!

Pastor Lynda