Children's Ministry
We have many things to look forward to like our Easter egg hunt, cooking for the Rescue Mission, and Vacation Bible School. I really hope you look at these activities and get your family involved in as many as you can. Help show your children how to serve God's love to others.

The children's ministry team seeks to love children, reach them with the gospel message, and teach them to become lifelong followers of Jesus. We seek to provide children with a teaching environment that is: creative, age-appropriate, Biblically-based, and safe. We are partners with parents in raising children to know God and follow him. We offer children's ministry opportunities for all children, from birth through 3rd grade, on Sunday mornings during both worship services.

Faith Foundations Experiment
Faith foundations experiment is a program that encourages children and parents to participate in faith forming exercises not only on Sunday morning but throughout the week. These activities include scripture memorization, family prayer time, service to others, and inviting friends to church. As students participate in these activities they earn points to be redeemed for faith-affirming rewards. See a children's volunteer leader start your faith foundations experiment today!

All volunteers with our children's ministries are screened through our Safe Sanctuary Policies to help ensure we have safe, responsible, and godly men and women working with our children.