Adult Discipleship

adult discipleship

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are challenged to connect with each other, share our experiences, reason through the scripture in order to know God more intimately and with help from the Holy Spirit follow Him more obediently. This is a lifelong journey of Christ-like transformation! Will you join us as we walk this faith journey together?

Short-term Bible Studies
Throughout the year we offer various short-term Bible studies that last 4 to 8 weeks. These are offered at various times during the week on topics of interest. Even for the busiest person, these studies are easy to plug into. See newsletters for upcoming topics of study or recommend a study that you would be interested in.

Disciple Bible Study
This intense Bible study helps participants to gain a broader understanding of the whole Bible and how it all fits together. This group will look at the Bible passages, archeology, Biblical culture, and history. This deep study is designed not just to collect head knowledge, but to challenge participants to have transformed lives. It is a year-long study with weekly homework.