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Forest Park offers two distinct worship services to choose from on Sunday mornings.
Parking should be in our North lot off Collins Ave. Limited parking is available in our South lot off Linden St. for those who are physically challenged.

What to expect when you come to our Traditional Service at 9:30 am:
At 9:30, we hold our traditional service in the Sanctuary. This service connects long-held traditions to a lived-out faith today. More meditative in style than our early service, our traditional service is a wonderful way to connect with God and others.

As you come into the church, you'll be warmly greeted by people at the doors and offered a bulletin, which will list the order of the worship experience as well as announcements and names to pray for. Organ music will be quietly playing while you take your seat in the sanctuary, setting a reflective tone for worship. The service will begin at 9:30 AM. During worship, you will have the opportunity to be greeted by those worshiping around you, sing hymns from our hymnal, join with the congregation in prayer, participate in the morning offering, listen to our choir (September through May), and hear a powerful, biblically-based message relevant to life. Communion is offered on the first Sunday of the month. During the traditional worship, competent, caring adults offer children's ministry for the duration of the service.

What to expect when you come to our Contemporary Service at 10:45 am:
At 10:45, we hold our Contemporary Service in our Small Chapel. This service is an informal, upbeat way to celebrate life in Jesus Christ. Everyone is encouraged to come as they are, grab some refreshments, and worship in a contemporary way.

People start gathering at 10:45 AM for coffee, tea, or juice, and donuts in the Small Chapel kitchen while some music is playing in the background. During the service, you will experience high-energy praise, prayers offered to God, some creative elements like a drama or movie clip related to the day's theme, and a powerful biblically-based message that is relevant to life. Worshipers are given an opportunity to write down prayer requests and have them prayed by someone in the church. On the first Sunday of every month, we celebrate the Lord's Supper, where worshipers are invited to experience the grace and presence of God in their lives through the taste of bread and juice. Near the end of the service, several announcements may be given and an offering is taken. Competent, caring adults offer children's ministry throughout the duration of the service. The service generally ends around 11:30. After the service, some people choose to attend a small group for more intimate fellowship and learning.